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How to measure the impact of its content with Google Analytics

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  • How to measure the impact of its content with Google Analytics

    You have worked for months on the content of the pages on the ergonomics on the user experience and on the conversion funnel. You have even planned a blog and a content strategy to publish targeted articles related to your activity. But how to measure the impact of its content and know if your pages are popular? Does your content reach the right target? Are they effective? Using a free tool like Google Analytics will allow you to analyze the behavior of your customers, to analyze the source of your traffic, the performance of your website, and also to know the pages that perform best... With this data you Know who your customers are so you can take action to improve your content.

    Here are 3 steps to follow to measure the impact of your content and make the most of the data provided by Google Analytics , in order to increase your ROI. 1/ Configuration of the Google Analytics account First of all, we will see what are the important elements to take into Country Email List account in the configuration of your Google Analytics account. A well-configured account will allow you to have precise results. Google Analytics tracking code integration When you create a Google Analytics account, a tracking code is provided to you which will be integrated into the source code of your pages. If you use WordPress, and your theme allows it, you can go to your theme's configuration page and embed the code.

    Otherwise you can install a plugin and insert the code the tracking will be done automatically for all the pages of your site and/or blog. To retrieve the tracking code, go to Administration > Property > Tracking Information > Tracking Code:google analytics tracking code Set goals from the start Set your goals in Google Analytics from the outset , this will allow you to identify the actions you want to track and especially evaluate performance. You can set goals for newsletter sign-up, account creation, social media sign-up, shopping cart, forms completed, and more. To create an objective, go to Administration > View > Objectives > New objective New google analytics objective Content aggregation You can create content groups using the content grouping feature offered by Google Analytics.‚Äč