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  • How to Create a Free Blog 2022

    Exists thanks to the support of readers like you. We may earn an affiliate commission for your purchase through our links, which allows us to continue to do our analysis and research for free. Have you been bitten by the blog bug? Ready to clean up your draft and hit the Publish button? Wonderful! But which platforms offer the best solution for creating a free blog? As you can imagine, there are dozens of free blog creators and each one will have its own particularities. Therefore, the most suitable tool for your case will always depend on your needs: Do you want to reach a wide audience? Want to join a community of like-minded people? Want to organize your words in the best possible way? Want to earn money? Need a multilingual system? Don't worry, I will indicate a good option for each answer .

    First, let's see how to get started: How to make a free blog step by step? It all starts with the registration and usually follows this order: Signing up for a platform (an email is usually enough) Create a username Choose a blog template create a new post Format (links, bold, etc…) and add media Hit the Publish button Whatsapp Mobile Number List That's it! At least in the case of the best solutions on the market. 10 free bloggers and their pros and cons Wix: The Creators Heavyweight make free blog wix Wix is ​​the most used, best known and most recommended website builder in our repertoire. They decided to propose a tempting free plan , and this also applies if you want to create a free blog in Portuguese.

    In fact the free blog builder has some limitations compared to the paid plans. Let's see what you can get for $0 a month: Pros of a free Wix blog: An incredible variety of templates Great for blogging with photos and images Access to a royalty-free image library Full access to the best website builder app store Basic email marketing and social media features Full SEO customization option Wix app to post/manage remotely Support in Portuguese Limitations of a free Wix blog: Boring static ad (bad on desktop, slightly better on mobile) 500 MB of storage Long domain nameReaders need to register to comment What if I want an upgrade? To remove ads, you will need the Combo plan ($16/month). It includes a free domain for one year and boosts the storage limit up to 3GB.